Friday, 28 March 2014

Vbscript Tutorial for Beginners

We are going to cover all major topics on vbscript in this tutorial for beginners.

  1. VBScript - Intro and applications
  2. Variables, Data Types (Conversions) and Operators, comments, Set in VBScript and  IsArray, IsDate, IsEmpty , IsNull , IsNumeric , IsObject ,TypeName ,VarType
  3. Arrays in VBScript - types of array
  4. Control Statement - Conditional  and  looping 
  5. Procedures and Functions - eval, execute, inputbox, msgbox and difference between function and sub
  6. Date and Time
  7. Strings
  8. Maths Functions
  9. Classes in VBScript - Constructors
  10. Regular Expressions in Vbscript 
  11. Dictionary in VBScript
  12. File System in VBScript
  13. Error Handling
  14. WSH
  15. WMI and Win32 classes

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