Saturday, 18 May 2013

What is vbscript?

VBScript Intoduction

Vb script is a scripting language used for performing administrative tasks in system programming.
Vb script is a loosely typed language meaning we don't need to define the type of variables in vbscript.
It is used only on Microsoft operating system.

VBScript Applications

VbScript  is used in many places.
  1. In windows administrative tasks.
  2. In QTP as automation scripting language.
  3. In html pages as a client side scripting language.
  4. It is also used in embedded applications
  5. VBScript is also used as server side scripting language in native ASP pages with IIS Web Server.

How to execute VBScript

You can write and execute the vbscript programs on only Windows based machines. You can create the file with extension .vbs and then double click it to execute the code inside it. Below figures show how to do it on windows 7 machine.

Open Folder and Search Options

Uncheck hide extensions for known file types

Create a vbscript program in notepad and Save with .vbs extension.. Double click to Execute

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