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File system object in vb script

Filesystemobject can be used to work with drives, folders, and files.

Filesystemobject  has methods and properties that allow us to create, delete, gain information about, and generally manipulate drives, folders, and files.

Important Methods of filesystemobject in vb script
  1. CopyFile
  2. CopyFolder    
  3. CreateFolder
  4. CreateTextFile
  5. DeleteFile
  6. DeleteFolder 
  7. DriveExists
  8. FileExists
  9. FolderExists
  10. GetAbsolutePathName
  11. GetBaseName   
  12. GetDrive
  13. GetDriveName
  14. GetExtensionName
  15. GetFile
  16. GetFileName
  17. GetFolder    
  18. GetParentFolderName
  19. GetSpecialFolder
  20. GetTempName
  21. MoveFile
  22. MoveFolder
  23. OpenTextFile 

Working with files

Creating and writing to file
 You can create a text file using this object.

Set obj = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
set f = obj.createtextfile("g:\salunke.txt")                      ' create a file
f.write str                ' write some data into file
set f= nothing           ' release memory
set obj = nothing

Reading from the file character by character
Set fo = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
  set stream1= fo.OpenTextFile("c:\abc.txt",1)
  msgbox stream1.AtEndOfStream
  Do While   (stream1.AtEndOfStream <> true )
    msgbox stream1.Read(1)
  Set stream1 = nothing

Appending data to file

set stream1= fo.OpenTextFile("c:\abc.txt",8)
  stream1.Write("append it")
  Set stream1 = nothing
  Set fo = nothing

Working with Folders

We can create, delete folders.

Working with Drives

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